The Bullet Proof Home Sale

How to maximize profit & generate multiple offers using a proven repeatable system in 12 steps.

1: Pre-listing home inspection - Would you rather know the condition of your home now, or would you rather wait until a buyer has your home under contract and can renegotiate? That's when the buyer has all the leverage.  Wes pays for the inspection.  Other agents don’t understand how to fully leverage this technique to their advantage.

  • Homes marketed with the pre-listing home inspection model are selling on within 4-6 days of hitting the market or sooner.
  • Buyers are experiencing burnout losing out in multiple offer situations. Many of these buyers are paying for pre-inspections to make competitive bids adding an additional out of pocket expense. Pre-inspecting a listing gives a hesitant buyer an opportunity to get involved without the expense of purchasing another costly inspection on a home they may not win.

2: Pro-active repairs and updates – after a home is pre-inspected, if there are repairs that should be made, coming from a family of  builders, Wes knows the right contractors to do the work at the right price and will assist in facilitating necessary repairs. 

  • 96% of our homes sell without a building inspection contingency that are marketed with the pre-inspection model and have sold for 109.2% of the list price to sales price ratio in 2021!

3: Presentation - Staging Consultation. Everyone is guaranteed an in person staging consultation, as Wes' staging consultant/designer will come through and go room by room, making an itemized list on what you need to do to put it in its best light (using your furniture and décor). If necessary to bring in outside furniture, artwork, etc. they will give you a preferred partner quote. Wes pays for the consultation!

  • The cost of staging is ALWAYS less than the first price drop.  Last year homes staged by the design team received an accepted offer in 6.5 days, compared to an average days 21 in the greater Seattle area.
  • Our staged homes sold, on average, for an additional 3.5% more than other comparable homes in the Seattle area (including those staged by other companies).
  • For a property listed at $500,000 with a staging investment of $2500, that is an ROI of 700%!
  • At minimum everyone is guaranteed a Staging Consultation. We have options for everyone and all budgets! From Virtual Staging to partial stages, vinyete staging and/or full stages. Depending on needs of the client, all options are available to discuss.

4: Professional HD Photography – The photos matter!!! Listings with professional photos sell on average 32% faster than those with amateur photos. Photos make a HUGE difference. For certain properties, this may include 3D tourvideo, or aerial photos. Wes pays for photography, 3D Tour and video, and includes it with every listing.

  • Listings with professional photos generated an average 139% increase in clicks compared to similar listings.
  • Listings with professional photos sell on average 32% faster than those with amateur photos.
  • According to a recent National Association of Realtors study, 86% of buyers said that photos are among the most useful tools when searching for properties to purchase.
  • Less than 50% of local agents utilize high quality, high definition, professionally shot real estate photography for their clients.

Bottom Line: Homes marketed with professional photography sell faster and for more money than those without.

5: Positioning - Where we set the expectations. By following this program, in this market, we’re expecting multiple offers. To maximize a multiple offer situation, you set an offer review date on the front end. A good agent WILL NOT accept an offer on the first few days. Set an offer review date 4-7 days out.  If we don't have an offer review date, then the market may not know how to respond to it. They will think that we don't know what we are doing, or that we potentially overpriced it, or that we are not expecting multiple offers. 

  • In 2021, Wes sold 52 homes at or above list price, and procured 48 home sales with multiple offers. 
  • One home received 15 offers! 
  • Another sold for 850K over list, 36% over list price! 
  • Wes closed over 18 listings where the buyers paid with cash at closing.
  • 76.1% of our 2021 listings attracted a cash offer.

6: Pricing-Appraiser Review - A third-party, expert opinion on where your home should be priced by a 30-year industry veteran.  Wes’ appraiser has completed his SRA, which is the highest level designation available in USA to the appraisal industry.  It is the equivalent to a PHD in appraisal. 

How integrated marketing makes your home stand out:

7: Protect-with a home warranty - Wes will put your home under warranty during the duration of the listing at his expense. Many of your appliances and mechanical systems are covered under this warranty (water heater, furnace, appliances, some plumbing, etc).  Wes will also extend that warranty to the new home owner for 1 year, giving them peace of mind that they have additional coverage on top of insurance if something should go wrong.  It is one more assurance that they are getting involved in the right house.

  • There is a 66% chance that a system or appliance that the First American Home Warranty covers in any given year.  
  • The average First American Home Warranty contract owner uses the Warranty protection 2.7 times per year.

8: Promote-how we market-Wes’ team doesn’t just throw your home on the MLS or ineffective print marketing. They promote your home on over 100 relevant websites buyers search; with the option to promote your home in over 89 foreign countries in their native language!  As many as 1 in 7 homes in the Puget Sound Region are purchased by foreign nationals. It's an exclusive way to reach this market.

  • at least 89% of buyers start their search online.  When it comes to the first showing, whether it is to an agent, or a buyer, is ALWAYS online.  You have only seconds to make a first impression. Having the right photography that stands out against the competition is critical.

9: Post the Home Selling Packet, Instructions, & Home Book in House - This includes everything a buyer needs to make a decision to purchase: pre-inspection, bids, repairs, offer instructions, title, etc.  Having this information upfront will allow a buyer to write a tighter offer with less contingencies or reasons to terminate.

10: Prospecting - Wes & team facilitate

  • Buyers: Circle calls to the neighborhood letting them know about a new listing, door knocking for open houses (if desired), and our extensive database of clients, investors, and buyers.
  • Agents: Reverse prospecting via the MLS, brokers open (if desired), eFlyers to brokers, and personal phone calls/emails to top agents working that location/neighborhood.

11: Prepare for Showings - High quality Marketing Materials, flyers, fact sheet, 10 things I love about my house, feature cards (if applicable).  Wes pays for this.

12: Profit – We’ve done everything to guarantee the home looks as good as possible online, on-paper, and in-person. Now it comes down to Wes and team negotiating to get you the maximum value for your house. Wes has personally sold over 1,000 homes. When negotiating, experience counts and who you work with matters. Wes has a system and plan in place to negotiate on your behalf when dealing with multiple offers to procure the most profit possible.  

To hear more about the system, contact Wes using the info below, or use the contact form above and on the right.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.  Or visit our home value calculator page and we can pick up the conversation there.