Traditional Listing Vs. Our Certified Pre-Owned Home Sale

Did you know that 1 in 3 homes that go under contract nationwide fall out of escrow? 
Of those that do fall out of escrow, 65% of them do so during the building inspection period.  

Why does this happen?
The expectations of the condition of the home was not met by the buyer!  

Why leave it up to chance when there is a proven and repeatable program you can follow to help eliminate that risk and stay in control of your home sale?      

The Solution is...The Certified Pre-Owned Home Sale

The Certified Pre-Owned Home Sale Program

Eliminate risk, uncertainty and sell for more!

Our Certified Pre-Owned Home Sale Program aims to identify potential inspection concerns BEFORE they cause a problem with the sale.  All while adding a layer of transparency not provided with a traditional home sale. 

Most of the time, a traditional listing agent does not learn their client's home has an inspection problem until it's too late.  Once a buyer has a home under contract during the building inspection contingency period, they can renegotiate the contract, or even walk away from the sale for no reason at all.  Wes Jones & Associates' Certified Pre-Owned Home Sale Program eliminates risk & uncertainty by identifying potential issues prior to listing the home.  We have found that by being proactive in identifying, repairing, and disclosing potential repair items prior to listing the home is beneficial for all parties.  Following our program will result in more efficient, transparent, and a less stressful escrow for all parties.  

 Afraid you might find something during the pre inspection?  Well that's the entire point!  

If there is an issue in a home, someone is going to find it.  If the seller doesn't inspect up front, then it's going to be the buyer.  It is always more affordable to repair or replace prior to listing the home compared to when a buyer has your home under contract.

Our Certified Pre Owned Home Sale Program Includes:

  1. Pre-listing home building inspection
    Our team schedules an inspection for the home to proactively identify areas of concern for a buyer. Once completed, we review the report with our clients and make suggestions with the intent to bring the most value to their home. Once the plan is finalized, we assist our clients in the coordination of repairs through our trusted network of contractors. 

    When the home is listed for sale, we include the building inspection with the listing as part of our marketing package for complete transparency; creating peace of mind for the Buyer. All repairs are noted directly on the inspection report for potential buyers to review along with photos, warranties, invoices, etc.
  2. Complimentary Cosmetic Upgrades Consultation
    We also provide a complimentary consultation in order to recommend cosmetic upgrades to ensure the home looks its best in print, online advertising, and of course in person. This might include a basic color consultation for the most current trends in interior or exterior paint, new carpet/flooring, or perhaps even a complete kitchen remodel. Our team will again assist in the coordination of upgrades with our trusted network of designers and contractors. 
  3. Complimentary Home Warranty
    We provide a Home Warranty with every sale. This gives home buyers and sellers an extra layer of assurance and transparency throughout the home selling process.  The home warranty will cover basic mechanical, electrical, plumbing, & appliance repair or failure.

    The seller benefits from the home warranty during the life of the listing and throughout Escrow.  The home warranty extends an additional 12 months for the buyer after the closing date, to provide an extra level of protection for those untimely "breakdowns" that always seem to happen during the first year of ownership.  Our first choice for a home warranty is First American Home Warranty.
  4. Selling Boost Concierge Service
    If the idea of coordinating these repairs and updates seems a bit overwhelming, we've got you covered!  WJ&A can help coordinate all repairs with our preferred vendor lists. We also have programs available to pay for the work at closing!