No Hassle Listing

Seeing pretty houses on reality TV shows like Million Dollar listing and Selling Sunset is fun! Talking about the business end of residential real estate with your agent, generally, is not. That is why at Wes Jones & Associates, we are upfront about it…and we’ve tried to make it as easy as can be!

We believe that every sale is unique, just like your home.  And because your situation is unique, that may require some flexibility on our part.  We also believe in providing a compelling service, with tons of value add, for a great price.  Lastly, we hate being pressured into something we are not ready for.  So we promise to never put you in that situation.

Our No Hassle Listing Package includes:

Flexible Commission 

  • We operate under a sliding scale based on who brings the buyer
  • Opportunity to sell the house yourself.

Competitive Rates

  • We offer MORE than any real estate service out there and often times our fee is less! 

No long term listing contract

  • 24-Hour Cancellation Agreement 
  • If you are not satisfied with the service or your housing needs change, a quick email/text/phone call and we will remove your listing from the MLS
  • Listing agent or seller may unilaterally terminate the agreement

No Hassle

  • No upfront costs paid by the seller for marketing
  • Show the home to prospective buyers on your schedule
  • No pressure offer presentation

Our goal is to get you the most amount of money, in the shortest time, with the least amount of hassle.  

We're not your traditional real estate team!